Call for Papers (CFP)

CIT, UPES, Dehradun is organizing the NGCT-2015 to provide an international forum for analysts, academicians and research scholars to present, observe and discuss their latest findings and ideas relevant for future technology changes. Contribution in the form of research papers, case studies, posters and projects are welcome. Emerging of new trends to technology, predicting future with certainty can be the reality of next generation. The theme “Current & Future Trends” is most appropriate in the current context as well as in the future with day to day evolution in computing method and technologies adoption. The Conference will not only consider the trends and developments at the globally competitive environment, but will also provide future directions to young researchers and practitioners. Besides, it will help in sharing of experience and exchange of ideas, which will foster national collaboration for society for nation building. The Conference would be of immense benefit to Management, Researchers, Academicians, Industry Professional and Students from Technical Institutes/ Universities, R&D Organizations, Industries working in the field of Information Technology. 

Accepted and presented papers will be submitted IEEE Xplore® Digital Library for publication with Catalog and ISBN Number as 978-1-4673-6809-4.

Revised and substantially extended versions of few selected paper will be submitted to Special Issues on:

These are the areas of interest for paper acceptance but not limited to: 

High Performance Computing

o    Cluster & Grid Computing

o    Mainframe Technology

o    Parallel & Distributing Computing

o    Advanced Multi-Core Software              Technologies

o    Mapping and Scheduling of Parallel        and Real-Time Applications

o    Open System Architectures

o    Data Intensive Computing

o    Real-Time Supercomputing

o    Fault-tolerant computing

o    GPU Computing

o    Advanced Processor Architectures

o    Secure Computing & Anti-Tamper            Technologies

o    High Performance Modeling and 


o    SOC & NOC Architecture

o    Exascale Computing

o    High Performance Scalable Storage System

o    Interconnection Network Architecture

o    Load Balancing, Scheduling & 

   Resource Management 

o    Power Efficiency and Reconfigurable

o    Fault tolerance Management

o    Compiler Technologies 

o    Multicore Processor Architecture

Advanced Technologies

o    Voice over LTE

o    Software-Defined Networking

o    Self-Organizing Network

o    IP Multimedia Communications

o    Data Traffic Steering

o    Content Delivery Networks

o    Near Field Communication Services

o    Small Cell Networks

o    Smart Cities

o    Mobile Shopping

o    Service Delivery

o    Smart Vehicular Communications

o    Internet of Things (IoT)

o    Green Computing

o    Smart Vehicles

o    Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

o    Smart Grid

o    Embedded Cloud Computing

o    Green Mobile Cloud

o    Decision Support System

o    Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

o    Energy Storage Techniques

o    Energy Security

o    Energy Process and System Simulation

o    E-Health

o    Intelligent Transportation System

o    Social Responsibility Technology

o    Quantum Computing

o    Molecular Electronics

o    Bio-Computing

o    Symbolic Computing

o    Fog Computing

o    Cellular Automata

o    Human Computer Interaction

o    Cognitive Science

o    Assistive Technology

o    Multimodal Interface

o    Nomadic Interface 

o    Cognitive Radio System

o    Biologically Inspired Communication

o    Fuzzy logics

o   Robotics

o   Mobile Computing & Applications

Cloud Computing

o    Virtualization Technology

o    Cloud Service Models

o    Cloud Management and monitoring          Tools

o    Cloud Computing Architecture

o    Cloud Business Process Management

o    Cloud Economics and Business Model

o    On-Demand Computing Models

o    Service-Oriented Architecture

o    Cloud Computing Architecture

o    Cloud Storage, Data, and Analytics

o    Cloud Migration and Grid Computing

o    Data Centers & Virtualization

o    Cloud Configuration Management

o    Cloud Performance Management

o    Cloud Capacity Management

o    Cloud Performance Tuning

o   Cloud Standard

Business Analytics

o    Data Mining

o    Data Warehousing

o    Business Intelligence

o    Big Data Analysis

o    Statistical Analysis

o    Mobile Analytics

o    Social Network Analytics

o    Web Analytics

o    Sentiment Analytics

o    Content Analytics

o    Retail Automation

o    Retail Analytics

o   e-commerce

o    m-commerce

o    Medical Image Analytics

o    Open Source Software in Analytics

o    Enterprise Computing

o    Optimization Techniques

o    Supply Chain Management

o    Customer Relation Management

o    Software Quality and Metrics

o    Enterprise Mobility

o    Exploratory Data Analysis

o    Data Visualization

o    Pattern Recognition

o    Machine Learning

o    Statistical inference

o    Directional Statistics

o    Marketing Models

o    Risk Analytics

o    Pricing Analytics

o    Legal Analytics

o    Analytics for Strategy

o    Analytics for Public Policy

o    Analytics for Environment

Communication and Computer Network

o    Data Communication

o    Open Source Software in Web                Technology

o    Wi-Fi

o    Zigbee

o    Mobile IP

o    Ipv6.0

o    Service Networking

o    Peer-to-Peer Computing

o    Petrinets

o    Manets

o  Emerging Issues in 3G, 4G

o    LTE

o    Wi-Max

o    Wireless Radio Technologies

o    Communication Hardware evolution

o    Mobile Backhaul Technologies

o    Evolved Packet Core

o    Machine-to-Machine Communication

o    Routing Techniques for NGN

o    Customer Experience in NGN

o    IT auditing, ITIL

o    Network Applications & Services

o    Satellite and Space Communications

o    Technologies for e-Communication

   Global Telecommunication Regulations

o    Distributed Sensor Network

o    Blue Tooth Technology

o    Remote Sensing & GIS

Security and Privacy

o    Biometric Applications

o    Computer Network Security

o    Cloud Security

o    Data Security

o    Access control and Intrusion Detection

o    Security of Cyber-Physical Systems

o    Autonomous and Adaptive Security 

Security Tools and Development          


o   Computational Intelligence Techniques in    Security

o    Security Ontology

o    Models/ Protocols/ Policies in Cyber          Security, Cryptographic Techniques

o    Trust and Privacy

o    Information Assurance

o    Next Generation Network Architectures

o    Malware Analysis

o   Security Challenges in Mobile/Embedded            Systems

o    Security Awareness and Education

Web & Informatics

o    Web Technology

o    Web Programming

o    Bio-Markup Languages

o    Oil and Gas Informatics

o    Petro-Informatics

o    Bioinformatics

o    Chemi-Informatics

o    Bio-Medical Engineering Applications

o    Telemetry

o    Health Care Informatics

o    Celestial Informatics

o    Machine Translation of Languages

o  Knowledge-Based Drug Discovery


     The participants in the conference will be categorizes as follows:-

  • Regular Papers from Researchers/Academicians/Industry Experts/Students (Upto 6 pages maximum and 2 additional pages are allowed with an extra charge).
  • Poster Presentation Papers (upto 4 pages).
  • Papers in Absentia: Participants who cannot physically attend the conference but registered.

Submission Guidelines:

Research papers: Original Research papers (Unpublished in other journals/ conferences) written by author(s).The research papers should have objective clear in abstract. 

Case Studies: Technical Cases matching to theme of the conference. The case study should incorporated big picture of the case, issues, facts/data/figures/comments/evidences etc.

Poster Presentations/ Projects: Projects by students which has good technical blend up. The project should have abstract, keywords, scope, description of concepts, unique feature of project, benefit to business community, society and technical community. Approach to implementation/methodology, resources required and annexure for keyword explanation.

Thesis/ Dissertation: PhD Thesis about to submit or has submitted but not accepted or published anywhere else. The presentations on thesis/dissertation are invited in the following format as thesis title, objective, description, process flow, relevance and reference analysis.

All papers have to be submitted through easy-chair session.

Please use the link to submit your paper through Easy Chair submission:  For enquiry please do send e-mail to or Visit

Paper Format:

Papers should include author’s name, contact no, mail id and affiliations 

  • The IEEE templates in Microsoft Word (US Letter) and LaTeX format can be found at
  • All papers have to be submitted in IEEE-Conference format through Easy Chair Login System. 
  • Document must be in MS Word/ PDF with maximum 6 pages. Additional pages will be charged extra. 
  • Faculty / Research Scholars / Student (Non-PhD) have to show identity card at the time of reporting in the conference.
  • Once the paper is submitted, every subsequent communication regarding paper should be accompanied by paper identification number to conference coordinators.