About UPES

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) was established in the year 2003 through UPES Act, 2003 of the State Legislature of Uttarakhand. With an ambitious vision and unique approach, UPES emerged as an innovative institution offering programs that are specifically designed for core sectors with high growth projections. 

UPES has embarked on a strategic partnership with Laureate International Universities – the world’s largest private education network with a presence in 29 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, serving more than 950,000 students through 80 institutions. Founded by prominent educationalists and industry experts, UPES is committed to maintain high standards in providing quality education. The university endeavours to be recognized as a 'Nation Builders University' with a progressive vision of creating specialized professionals in the core sectors that can contribute in the economic growth of the country. 

Focused on the requirements of the future, UPES offers a wide spectrum of globally competitive undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs in various growth sectors of engineering, management , law and design studies discipline. The university’s objective is to develop domain specific and competent technocrats, professionals and managers who are ready to join the core industries. 

The different colleges under UPES are
  • College of Engineering Studies (CoES)
  • College of Management & Economics Studies (CoMES)
  • College of Legal Studies (CoLS)
  • Center for Information Technology (CIT)
  • School of Design Studies(SoDS)
  • School of Planning & Architecture (SPA)
  • School of International Law & Diplomacy (SoILD)
  • School of Public Policy (SoPP) & Governance

CIT-Center for Information Technology

Centre for Information Technology (CIT), being a part of College of Engineering Studies, is an academy-industry alliance between UPES and IBM India aimed at developing a dynamic platform for next generation students to acquire high end IT education at graduation level.


CIT introduces and trains the students with Information Technology platform skills essential for the IT professionals. Information Technology plays a crucial role in the functioning of any organization. CIT offers well designed and specialized programs that provide you with the appropriate skills that help you become a competent IT professional as you step into the future. These programs are expected to add to the inclination of recruiters towards the students ready and aligned with skills required for the IT industry. 

The center provides the students a sophisticated learning environment equipped with all essential learning tools and facilities. There is advanced computing center with 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity and conducive ambiance. The online ERP system for academic monitoring, Icos Platform and LMS tool make the unique process of learning.

Current Programs under CIT

  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Business Analytics and Optimization
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in E-Commerce
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Oil & Gas Informatics
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in IT Infrastructure
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Open Source and Open Standards
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in IT Security and Cyber Forensics
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Telecom Informatics
  • B.Tech (CSE)  Mainframe Technology
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Graphics and Gaming
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Healthcare Informatics
  • B.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Manufacturing Systems
  • M.Tech (CSE) with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence
For more information about various colleges and programs please visit www.upes.ac.in